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Daily Specials Lunch Marketing
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Online Food Ordering   - $20 mo (only available with website)

Unlike the "common" type online ordering systems that require the customer to check endless boxes to create their order, our system is "simple". Your customer types/enters their order as if they were giving it over the phone to your staff. the best part of our simple system is that YOU GET PAID FOR EVERY OPTION/VARIATION THEY ORDER!
You receive your orders by email, email printer or fax. Phone alerts are available at no additional cost.
NO % of your sales, No commissions on your orders. NO per order fees.
Customers provide their credit card and you use your own credit card processing machine to charge their payment.

Restaurant- Reservation Form   $9.95 mo   (60 day free trial)  Free with every website hosting plan

We can provide a simple Online Reservation form for your customers to use. There are no computers required, no additional fees. You can receive the reservations in your phone, a tablet, or printed out with an Eprinter. An Email Printer is simply any standard printer with the ability to print an email from the internet. You can usually purchase one at Staples for under $100.

Daily Specials Lunch Email / Faxing (visit our website for more details

Want more new customers? Try our Daily Specials Marketing Program. We can gather Email/Fax Numbers from your local businesses, and Fax & Email your Daily Lunch Specials directly to your customers.

Our Menu Library allows you to add your items and create your own Daily Specials Menus, that you can create, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. No repeticious "typing" of your menu items daily. Once you enter them into your Library, you simply "click" your items and they are entered into your Menu Displays. YOU have total control of your menus.
We can gather Email/Fax Numbers (small, one time fee) of local businesses and professionals in your area, and you can also provide your own fax numbers.
DO NOT need any faxing machines to use our services. We send all Emails/Faxes from our servers!

Our customers asked for Signs & Banners

We have the great food images, and we know how to design eye catching advertising materials for restaurants. As with our websites, our prices are affordable!
We can create beautiful Banners, PVC and Coreplast signs, Postcards and advertising campaigns for your holiday promotions.
Visit our website for more details.